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Keeping on top of your health and safety obligations can often feel like a laborious and never-ending task. With regular changes in the law and a whole host of workplace legislation to get your head around, it can be easy to miss the mark. If you’re not confident in your current practices, or don’t have professional support in place, Total Workplace Safety’s network of qualified Health & Safety Consultants can help you to build a safe and compliant working environment through expert support tailored to your organisation..

Why is health and safety important?

When it comes to safe working practices, the consequences of falling short can be devastating. Not only is your reputation at stake, but with rising health and safety fines, greater enforcement from the Lagos State Safety Commission (LSC) and directors being jailed, adopting a pro-active approach to health and safety management has never been more important.

Your legally-required competent person

By outsourcing your health and safety management to Total Workplace Safety, you can rest easy knowing that your compliance is being taken care of by an experienced Health & Safety Consultant with a minimum of Grad IOSH status. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to manage your compliance that we’ll even act as your competent person, which all organisations must have access to by law in order to meet the requirements of health and safety legislation.

A hands-on solution

As part of our fixed-fee Health & Safety service, you will be appointed a dedicated Health & Safety specialist who will get to know your organisation and work with you to implement a robust safety management system.

This includes:
  • Providing unlimited, pragmatic advice on any health and safety challenges you come up against;
  • Conducting on-site General Risk Assessments and Fire Risk Assessments to identify any areas of non-compliance, and working with you to take remedial action;
  • Producing a bespoke Health & Safety Policy and Employee Health & Safety Handbook outlining the important safety rules and procedures for employees;
  • Preparing all policies, procedures and arrangements relating to specific health and safety legislation, such as work equipment, manual handling, DSE, lone-working and occupational driving.
  • Creating Safe Systems of Work and Method Statements;
  • Investigating accidents and incidents to prevent recurrence, ensuring that any remedial measures are necessary and proportionate; and
  • Protecting your best interests in the event of a serious incident that attracts regulatory interest and/or enforcement action.
By working with an experienced Health & Safety Consultant to implement the above measures, you will be able to demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of staff, clients and visitors, which will support you in achieving formal accreditation through OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001

Proven results

At Total Workplace Safety, we’re known for the quality and effectiveness of our service – a reputation we’ve built through delivering on our promises and working with our clients to achieve their commercial objectives. Not only do we have a current client satisfaction score of 96%, but our Health & Safety Consultants reduce the risk of prosecution by 50% and reduce the cost of any fine imposed by more than 85% compared to the national average.

The benefits of a Health & Safety Consultant

Although often treated as a sideline to other business activities, health and safety performance has an impact on business performance. A serious accident, for example, could have a profoundly negative impact on annual profitability, among other metrics. The issue is finding the time to give health and safety the attention it deserves.

Total Workplace Safety’s network of qualified Health & Safety Consultants have over 10 years’ combined experience of keeping clients safe. What’s more, we are also the first Health & Safety consultancy to achieve assured advice status from a Primary Authority.

Trusting your health and safety management to the professionals at Total Workplace Safety will allow you to:

  • Focus on business strategy. With unlimited support from a named Health & Safety Consultant, you are free to concentrate on your key objectives confident in the knowledge that your business is safe and compliant
  • Get more expertise for your money. Our fixed-fee service offers better value for money than contracting self-employed health and safety consultants who charge by the hour, and we offer a level of expertise that your in-house responsible person may lack.
  • Reduce the risk of enforcement. We are trusted by the regulator to advise our clients. This means that, should an inspector turn up at your premises unannounced, you will be able to satisfy them that you are receiving assured advice and have appropriate systems in place to manage risk.

Compliance at the touch of a button

Committed to finding new ways of keeping you compliant, Total Workplace Safety’s easy-to-use Health & Safety Software allows you to understand and manage your risk simply, from any place at any time.

Provided as part of our core service, our innovative online tool will revolutionise your approach to health and safety management by providing:

  • Full visibility and accountability on any outstanding actions;
  • Time-saving reports to enable you to manage by exception;
  • 24/7 accessibility to allow for monitoring and auditing at any time of the day;
  • An efficient registry that tracks and updates you on your required tasks, including PAT tests and vehicle checks.
It’s never too late to improve your health and safety culture and take steps to protect your business. To find out how our fixed-fee service can improve safety standards across your organisation, call our team now on +234 802 560 7489 for a free no-obligation consultation.

Health and Safety Guides

What does a Health & Safety Consultant actually do?

Total Workplace Safety’s dedicated Health & Safety Consultants provide peace of mind to business owners across Nigeria. In fact, we’ve helped over 5,000 organisations become fully compliant with health and safety regulations.

It’s our job to assess your working environment for potential hazards and work with you to reduce risk to as low a level as possible. Whether it’s creating a Health & Safety Policy, conducting a General Risk Assessment or helping to address shortcomings discovered by the regulator, our consultants draw on their combined total of 10 years’ experience to keep you compliant.

What’s the purpose of a health and safety audit?

In order to determine whether or not your business is compliant, it is necessary to take a close look at the potential hazards present in your workplace and how they are managed. That’s where regular health and safety auditing comes in.

A health and safety audit is intended to ensure that any changes in the law are reflected in your policies and procedures. By frequently checking how you are performing, you can be satisfied that you are fulfilling your duty of care – and can implement changes in areas where you fall short.

Do I need to conduct a risk assessment?

Yes. Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, employers must conduct a risk assessment of their premises to understand potential causes of harm within the workplace and take steps to reduce the likelihood of accidents and ill health.

However, it’s important to note that you are not expected to completely eliminate all risks. The purpose of a risk assessment is to take proportionate measures to ensure that risk is reduced to as low a level as possible. If an incident should occur, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have taken all sensible precautions in order to avoid regulatory enforcement.

Is it a legal requirement to have a Health & Safety Policy?

Yes. Under the Lagos State Safety Commission (LSC) Law 2011, all organisations – regardless of their size or sector – must have a Health & Safety Policy in place. If you employ fewer than five members of staff, there’s no requirement to provide this information in written format (although it’s good practice to do so).

A written Health & Safety Policy is the centrepiece of safety management, but there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer. Your policy should be specific to your business, detailing your aims and objectives and outlining your arrangements for ensuring they are achieved.

How is a Health & Safety Handbook different to a Health & Safety Policy?

By law, all organisations must have a Health & Safety Policy. This acts as the basis for health and safety management.

While it is not a legal requirement to have a Health & Safety Handbook, under the Lagos State Safety Commission (LSC) Law 2011, employers are required to provide employees with whatever instruction, information and training is necessary to ensure their safety. It is therefore good practice to communicate the contents of your Health & Safety Policy to staff, and one way of doing this is to create a handbook of important rules and procedures for employees to follow.

In this way, your Health & Safety Handbook can be regarded as a synopsis of your Health & Safety Policy.

Why is health and safety important?

There are compelling legal, moral and business reasons to adopt a proactive approach to health and safety. Fundamentally, employers have a legal and ethical duty to protect the wellbeing of those who may be affected by their activities and make sure employees return home safe and well. Beyond that, it’s a well-known fact that health and safety performance has an impact on business performance.

Despite this, health and safety often sits outside of core business objectives. Compounding this issue is the challenge of getting employees to understand why health and safety is important and changing the perception that it’s a ‘boring’ sideline to other activities.

Sound familiar?

Where can I go for health and safety help?

Health and safety can be complicated, costly and time consuming without the right support. Help comes in different forms, from access to an advice line, to training courses, to on-site assistance with risk assessments.

As well as being a legal requirement, receiving competent support from a trusted source will give you the confidence that you’re meeting your legal responsibilities and help you to turn complex legislation into a series of practical steps.

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