Total Workplace Safety Management Systems

Who we are:

At TWPS, we are committed to providing efficient consultancy for health and environmental safety for workplaces. We have a physical office in Lagos, Nigeria and a 24/7 virtual office, which enables us to provide swift and efficient services, which makes us the go-to consultants when it comes to health and environmental safety. We understand the importance of safety as a non-negotiable component that every workplace should have; hence, we collaborate with the brightest minds in and outside Nigeria to facilitate the provision of optimal service delivery. As a partner of Vision Zero, we believe it is possible to have zero fatalities in the workplace. We have therefore committed our time and resources to achieving this goal.

We are an accredited Highfield service provider, authorised by the Lagos State Safety Commission (LSC) and recognised by the Lagos State and Federal Governments of Nigeria. We are certified by the International Organization for Standardization with ISO 2009:2015.

We are accredited & approved as a training centre for Highfield. We provide swift and excellent services to zero workplace accidents and improve quality of work by first improving workplace and facility safety management systems.

Mission and Vision


To become a first-class provider of training and consultancy services that organisations, people, and governments turn to regarding quality health, safety, security, and the environment.


We nurture core health and safety principles and strategies through the use of the world’s best safety practices that will curb and eliminate environmental and workplace hazards.


Our core value:

We are devoted to the growth and establishment of an enduring safety culture in Africa and the world at large to achieve zero incidents, zero harm, and zero injuries.


i. Our Quality Policy:

At Total Workplace Safety Management Systems Limited (TWPS), we are committed to consistently providing cost-effective integrated facility management and safety consultancy solutions that meet and exceed customers' expectations as well as satisfy applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Consequently, our Quality Policy is strongly driven by the following management principles and behaviours:

  1. Developing a mutually profitable relationship with our clients and ensuring their long-term success and satisfaction through an adequate understanding of their needs and the needs of their customers;
  2. keeping our promises to provide high-quality service and maximise customer satisfaction;
  3. Enhancing systematic research and the use of best preventive practises at all levels to ensure reliable risk management;
  4. Continuous improvement and innovation are driven by business process efficiency, well-defined measurement, best practices, and customer feedback; and,
  5. Ensuring staff competencies, creativity, empowerment, and accountability are being developed through appropriate development programs, as is strong movement participation and commitment in relevant affairs.

ii. Inclusion and Diversity Policy